About Us

We believe that you deserve to fully enjoy your home, without restrictions. That is the FIT Mobility vision and we have been providing stair lift and house lift solutions to Malaysians since 2011.

FIT Mobility is the authorized distributor of Stannah Stairlift, a globally renowned name with over 150 years of experience in engineering stair lifts for diverse requirements.

Own your freedom in mobility with FIT Mobility.

We listen & recommend the best solution
We are confident with our product
We uphold the value of service experience

Designed to fit the shape of your stairs

Stair Lifts made in UK

Stannah stair lifts are fully imported from the United Kingdom. Each are tested and certified to meet the highest standards of safety, quality and durability. Stair lifts are ergonomically designed for a comfortable use, both for the user and other residents using the stairs. Your stair lift solution can be customized with a wide range of fabrics, colors and trims to best match your home.

Platform Lift

Fitting access requirements with Straight Stair & Curved Stair Inclined Platform Lift nor Wheelchair Platform Stair Lift.

Home Lift

Facilitating movement of people and / or goods over two or more floors.

Stair Lift

FIT Mobility carries 3 main types of stair lifts to suit most Malaysian homes.

Straight Stair Lift – suitable for straightforward staircases
Curved Stair Lift – designed to fit the shape of your stairs
Outdoor Stair Lift – for safety and comfort when outdoors


Our Key Values

The FIT Mobility new brand identity is succinct, clear and speaks volumes to our customers. We are determined to bridge the gap between the levels in a home or any multi-storey buildings through the range of Stannah Stair Lifts. Through our product understanding, technical training and customer service, we help people move around with great ease.

You are only one FIT away to experience Freedom, Independence with Timeless design and technology.


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